Synesthese is a word I made from the term synesthesia. This is the neurological condition for experiencing one of your senses through another.

It feels like a sort of crossing of the senses, if you can imagine seeing colours or shapes when you hear sound, or maybe you’re watching something extraordinary and hearing an internal sound which moves along with it. This is the most fitting description I could find to characterise what I feel has been influencing my music. When I have a vivid experience, I’ll internally hear a soundtrack in my mind to accompany it, evolving with every moment. Being able to express this with my piano has led me to create ‘Synesthese‘ my debut album.

With ‘Synesthese’, I was able to explore the theme of natural phenomena entwining with the neurological condition, synesthesia, which inspired this collection of ten piano pieces. So that’s the concept behind ‘Synesthese’, I hope the experience of this album really takes you somewhere.”



“In an awe-inspiring display of artistic vision, Nottinghamshire composer and pianist Chris Miggells revitalised the once abandoned Clipstone Headstocks, a former colliery site vacant for over two decades. The result: a triumphant live concert, documented in a feature-length film and released as the groundbreaking album, ‘Live at The Iron Cathedral.’

What makes this album truly extraordinary is the transformation of a disused colliery into an enchanting venue. Miggells recognised the acoustic potential in the towering space, with 50-foot-high ceilings and green-tiled walls echoing above the remnants of historic mining machinery. Amidst the concrete and steel, a Steinway & Sons grand piano worth £100,000, stood as a symbol of contrast and harmony.

This unique classical album is possibly the first of its kind, recorded within the confines of a derelict colliery site during a sold-out live performance.”


“I’m proud to tell you that my new single, ‘Flight of The Phoenix’ was released worldwide on Monday the 30th January.

You may have first heard me premiere this piece live at The Albert Hall and now I’m so pleased to be releasing my studio recording of this track on all your favourite music apps. Along with my first single, Stone Giant, this is another one of the 10 pieces from my debut album ‘Synesthese’ which is Out Now.

Enjoy the music and thank you for all your love and continued support. Plenty more updates to follow.”


Stone Giant was influenced by a life-changing experience, the music represents the breath-taking and immense sights of the Grand Canyon which I was fortunate enough to experience on a tour across America. I heard the chords vividly sounding in my head as I looked out. I knew instantly that I had to find a way to express this sense of beauty, awe and wonder. I created this piece to transport myself back to those euphoric emotions I found there; it was like a sudden awakening after a long, deep sleep. It is my wish that the music will resonate and connect with others in such a way.

“I’m excited to announce that my debut single, Stone Giant, is out now worldwide on all good music apps.”


I had been painstakingly recording my album of original piano music and when I was invited to perform at The Royal Concert Hall, I chose to premiere two of my new compositions.

The first piece, Stone Giant, was influenced by the breath-taking and immense sights of the Grand Canyon, which I was fortunate enough to visit whilst on tour in America.

The second piece, Aurora, is a representation of a mystifying encounter with Aurora Borealis (also known as The Northern Lights) which I happened upon by chance over Lake Mývatn, Iceland. These were two life changing and vividly inspiring experiences.

My live events team captured this performance beautifully and I am proud to publish these recordings. This is for everyone following and supporting the journey so far, as my little way of saying thank you. I’m excited to say I’ll be bringing more music and live events soon, so watch this space!

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“Chris Miggells performs live at The Albert Hall, in his hometown of Nottingham. Chris was invited back to give an uplifting performance for the Nottingham College Graduation Ceremony.

Clair de Lune’ by Debussy, was an inspiration for Chris to learn the piano. After hearing such mesmerising sounds of cascading arpeggios and intimate sections of poetic harmony, the endless possibilities of the piano were illuminated for him thereafter.

Flight of The Phoenix‘ made its world premiere at this momentous occasion. This new composition is one of the leading pieces from Chris Miggells’ debut album ‘Synesthese’.”

With the efforts of my live events team, we captured this performance and I am once again proud to publish these live recordings. This is for everyone following the journey, as my way of saying thank you for your continued support.

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