“My influences? It’s life experiences, which make such an impact on my mind that I feel completely consumed until I transcribe them into music.”

– Chris Miggells


Chris Miggells (born in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire) is an English composer and pianist noted for transcribing natural phenomena and citing the neurological condition synesthesia as an influence on his compositions. Concertgoers frequently remark on the unique visual sensation his music brings on.

As well as performing across the UK and internationally, he stays and writes in a countryside village in the county of Nottinghamshire. Whilst Miggells expresses that he does not categorise himself in any specific genre for his writing style, he is widely regarded a neo-classical virtuoso. In terms of influences, he has conveyed: “My influences? It’s life experiences, which make such an impact on my mind that I feel completely consumed until I transcribe them into music.”

Miggells recalls he had a natural interest in music and began piano lessons at around the age of 12. Through a combination of lessons and self-teaching, he studied classical repertoire and enjoyed creating his own arrangements of contemporary music. With an underlying love for writing, he ultimately became a composer and began recording his debut album of original solo piano pieces in 2021. His album launch concert on the 3rd of August 2023 was so successful that two extra dates were added due to the phenomenal demand and the event ran for three consecutive sold out performances.


Touring Concert Artist
(2020 – present)
Recent venues include; The Royal Concert Hall, The Albert Hall, and notably the debut album premiere which commanded three consecutive sold out concerts at the iconic Clipstone Headstocks, known as the ‘Iron Cathedral’.

New tour dates are currently under negotiation and soon to be announced.

(2020 – present)
“I’m thrilled to have released ‘Synesthese’, my debut album. Although it seems like this project has come together relatively quickly, it has been years in the making when I consider everything it has taken to get here. My supporters have had great faith and belief in my music, to say that I’m thankful would be an understatement. Much of the inspiration for this album has been from my travels and touring, so I’m eager to announce a new tour including more ventures at unique venues.”

With the support of the world renowned piano company, Sherwood Phoenix, Chris was invited to utilise their remarkable facility to write his original compositions and record his debut album on-site. The Steinway & Sons Model D concert grand piano was meticulously selected from the vast range of instruments and captured in the acoustic setting of the Grand Hall. This recording project was completed in 2021, taking just under a year – undoubtedly a pinnacle achievement in Chris’s music career to date.

Piano Consultant
(2019 – present)
Chris Miggells proudly collaborates with Sherwood Phoenix, one of Europe’s leading piano companies and one of the largest showrooms in the UK. He was welcomed on-board as their resident pianist and appointed as an expert piano consultant to assist clients in finding their perfect piano.

For more information visit: sherwoodphoenix.co.uk

BA (Hons) Sonic Arts
Masters Degree in Music
(2010 – 2014)
“I would like to express my utmost gratitude and appreciation for all the tutors and mentors I was fortunate enough to meet throughout my studies, who supported my individuality, encouraged me to push forward and establish myself in the world of music. They helped me to understand how worthwhile it is to acknowledge the possibility that I may have something special to offer, and how crucial it is to pursue it. Thank you.”